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All asbestos roofs fitted in the UK are now many years beyond their design life. When deterioration starts it is swift. Cracks, moss growth, corroded fixings, they are all typical symptoms of impending failure. They can all cause real problems, that is where we come in.


Our highly trained and experienced teams can repair or replace a roof quickly and efficiently.

A-Span use the most modern techniques and technologies to deliver high quality systems economically.


We provide solutions that won’t just solve your building envelope problems but will also improve the aesthetics of your building. Depending upon the system chosen this can help to reduce energy costs too.  


Sooner or later, almost every roof needs attention. When it does we are here to help.


With over 22 years experience, we are perfectly placed to assess whats required and recommend the most appropriate solution for your budget.


From asbestos removal to the replacement of insulation and rooflights, we are both equipped and qualified to handle projects of any size or complexity even at short notice. From the moment you contact us, we will take ownership of your project and ensure its finished on time and on budget so you can focus on running your business.


Sometimes, a full replacement of an existing roof is neither economical nor practical, don’t panic, overcladding is a great alternative!


Overcladding is a technique which leaves the existing roof in situ and a new roof layer is installed directly above.


Additionally, as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the building further roof insulation can also be added during the overcladding process, making the building more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Overcladding can be carried out on all types of existing industrial roofs including asbestos, metal and built up felt.


As licenced installers to most of the major manufacturers we can provide flat roofing solutions to meet almost any specification or budget.


It hardly needs saying that a leaking roof is bad news! Disruption, equipment damage and health and safety issues are just some of the problems it can cause. That is why, over the years we have developed a range of cost effective maintenance packages that ensure your roof stays watertight and leak free. There are packages which have been proven to prolong the lifespan of roof coverings, saving you money in the short and long term.

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